Roof Moisture Detection

Don't Let What You Can't See Cost You Money..

Protect Your Investment & Enhance Your Roof's Longevity With Global Infrared's Roof Moisture Detection

Discover the unseen with Global Infrared’s Roof Moisture Detection, designed to identify potential issues before they become costly repairs. Our inspections provide you with the necessary information and documentation to make accurate decisions regarding the repair or replacement of your roofs.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Save money on expensive repairs by addressing issues promptly and avoid the need for costly roof replacements.

Protect Your Investment

Verified industry statistics conclude that fully one third of all new roofs will leak before the end of their first year and within five years nearly 90% of roofs have problems stemming from poor installation, bad design, failed material or lack of annual maintenance and repairs.

Early Problem Detection

Discover leaks before they cause extensive damage to your roof or building. Prevent mold growth and structural deterioration.

Non-Invasive & Non-Destructive

Our thermal camera technology is non-destructive and won’t harm your roof. We can quickly pinpoint problem areas without the need for invasive inspections.

The First Step Towards Controlling Insulation Losses and Structural Damages...

More efficient and more effective than any other non-destructive or destructive maintenance testing procedure, roof moisture detection by a certified Thermographer detects moisture and identifies where it has become entrained (drawn into and transportable) within a roof system long before it breaks through and drips off a ceiling or wall onto occupants below. Due to the very high cost of replacing a damaged roof, infrared roof inspections should be performed at a minimum every time a building is purchased, sold or leased.

Flat Roof IR Surveys allow for nondestructive identification of specific areas on flat roofs where moisture has infiltrated the substrate and is deteriorating the insulation (R) value of the material, reducing the strength of the overall roof system and negatively impacting the energy costs required to maintain the internal working environment. The IR Inspection can save building owners thousands of dollars by pinpointing problem areas for resolution instead of tearing off part or all of a roof for replacement.

Document The Condition Of Your Roof

Our Team Of Highly Experienced & Skilled Inspectors Will Prepare A Detailed Written Report With Findings & Recommendations Regarding The Condition Of Your Roofing System, Including A Color Graph Outlining Problem Areas. 

Inspection Image Displays A Questionable Seam

Inspection Image Displays The Source Of The Anomaly Being Directly Above The Electrical Room & Electrical Vault

Inspection Image Displaying Fastener Pattern & Previous Hole

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Ensure The Longevity & Safety Of Your Roof With Global Infrared. Don’t Wait For Visible Damage To Appear. Use The Power Of Thermography To Detect Potential Issues Before They Escalate.