Detect Problems Before They Even Occur With Thermal Imaging

Since The Advent Of Infrared Thermography In The 1970’s, Billions Of Dollars Of Savings Have Been Documented Because Of Early Detection And Correction Of Unseen Problems, And By Avoiding Unscheduled Downtime And Interruptions.

At Global Infrared, we utilize state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to conduct thorough electrical inspections. This non-invasive method allows us to accurately detect and diagnose issues such as overloaded circuits, electrical faults, and potential fire hazards without interrupting your business operations.

Our approach not only ensures the safety and efficiency of electrical systems but also supports preventive maintenance and risk management programs, ultimately contributing to sustainable energy utilization. Get early detection of visually undetectable electrical problems by Global Infrared’s experienced infrared thermography technicians today!

Precision in Every Scan

Global Infrared's Commitment To Our Costumers

-We always respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. This means that you’ll never be kept waiting for information when you need it.

-Immediately on completion of each thermal imaging survey, we will provide an appraisal of results so you can be instantly assured of your asset’s health. We will also follow up with a more detailed and in depth report and analysis within 48 hours or sooner. Final Report provided via: Email (PDF), or cloud based.

-All thermographic reports are produced using relevant analysis results and plain English, such that the reports and recommendations are easily understood.

-Prior to any thermal imaging inspection we endeavor to fully understand your requirements such that we deliver a service that exactly matches your expectations.

-Global uses only the top of the line Flir-ThermaCam infrared imagers.

-All Data is Scientifically Analyzed by our Team of Engineer’ and a Final Stamp of Approval will be given to each report.

Inspection solutions for every industry everywhere.

We Specialize In Costumers With Multiple Locations Nationally And Internationally

-Volume discounts which savings we pass onto you! We specialize in large corporate multi-location/multi-region customers.

-We work with our customers to create a customized Risk Management plan that specific to their industry needs.

-We initiate contact with each facility to set up inspections that work with their schedules.

-We follow up with each facility to insure they make the necessary repairs with documentation that keeps them accountable.

-We provide emergency inspections and consultations.

-We communicate with each facility as well as keep head office updated with all ongoing infrared facility operations.

-We provide uniform testing that both consistent and efficient.

-Allow your employees to spend their time doing what they do best, instead of interviewing vendors for this important inspection.

We Do All The Work, So You Don’t Have To.


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