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Global Infrared Has Been Providing Professional Infrared Services Nationwide Since 2004.

As One Of The Top Infrared Testing Providers In The Nation, We Specialize In Creating Preventive Maintenance, Risk Management, And Sustainable Energy Programs That Meets Your Needs, Protects Your Assets, and Saves You Money.


Our Team makes sure that customer satisfaction comes first and our inspections are carried out with the upmost thoroughness and expertise. Our services will become an invaluable resource to assure that your equipment uptime is at its optimum and comply with insurance needs.

Our Extensively Trained and Certified Thermographers can spot trouble before it becomes a major problem associated with costly down time. Finding and fixing a poor electrical connection or mechanical fault before a component fails can save you the much greater costs associated with manufacturing downtime, production losses, power outages, fires, and catastrophic failures.

Kerisa Hatfield

Founder & CEO

Kerisa started her career in sales and operations, and was always fascinated with how electrical engineering and risk management protect financial assets, and most importantly human lives.

Kerisa has been in Thermal Imaging for almost 15 years. She has built long lasting relationships with several of the largest accounts in the nation due to her intense focus on personalized customer service. Global Infrared has grown into one of the largest US based Thermal Imaging Firms, and is THE largest Woman Owned and Operated Commercial Thermal Imaging Firm.


Head of Technician Training & Senior Risk Assessment Engineer

Ron York has been with Global Infrared since the beginning and is a Client Favorite! Ron is based in Southern California, but is a road warrior. He has over 35 years’ experience in Electrical Engineering, Risk Management and Thermography.


Can The Inspection Be Performed Without Any Service Interruptions?

Yes. Thermal Imaging is a service which is non-intrusive and should have no impact on normal business operations.

What Kind Of Problems Can You Find With An Infrared Inspection?

Almost all electrical faults will exhibit excess heat. Loose or deteriorated connections, faulty breakers, overloaded circuits, load imbalances worn or pitted contractor points, even excess harmonic patterns on transformer coils can be visualized.

What Are The New 2023 Guidelines For Electrical Inspections In NFPA 70B?

In 2023, NFPA 70B standard now makes the inspection of ALL electrical equipment mandatory at least every 12 months. Equipment that meets the Equipment Physical Condition 3 must be tested more frequently.

Should We Have An Infrared Survey Even Though We’re Not Having Any Problems?

   Yes, an Infrared Electrical Survey locates problems in your equipment before they cause an outage, equipment damage, or a fire. Today’s facilities engineers are avoiding costly expenses every year and are substantially improving profitability and reducing their operating, testing and maintenance costs with infrared electrical surveys.

What Kind Of Report Can I Expect At The End Of The Inspection?

Our Infrared Inspection Reports are concise and on-point, making problems easy to diagnose and repair. They are available in easy formats that integrate into our clients preventative maintenance program.

Do You Provide Services Nationwide?

Yes, We serve the infrared testing needs of our customers nationwide.

Don’t wait for the unexpected. 

The combination of our high specification equipment, fully trained, certified and experienced thermographic Inspectors all guarantee you as a customer, the best possible thermal imaging inspection report to meet all your needs.