Infrared Inspection Solutions For Every Industry, Every Where.

Your Leading Diverse Supplier For Preventive Maintenance, Risk Management, And Sustainable Energy Programs

Nationwide Infrared Inspection Services

Electrical Infrared Inspections

Our Certified Thermographers Quickly and Non-Destructively Pinpoint Visually Undetectable Electrical and Mechanical Problems.

Roof Moisture Detection

Provides you with the Necessary Information and Documentation to Make Accurate Decisions Regarding the Repair or Replacement of your Roofs.

Energy Sustainability Programs

Energy Saving Programs Tailored to your Needs to Increase your Revenues, Decrease your Expenses, and Most Importantly Help our Planet.

Mechanical Infrared Scanning

Mechanical Testing Detects Heat from Wear and Friction at its Earliest Stages and Allows for Preemptive Corrective Action.

Gas Detection Testing

Gas Detection Testing Plays a Pivotal Role in Ensuring Building Safety and Operational Continuity.

Additional Services

Building Moisture Scan, Outlet Testing, GFI, Safety & Risk Maintenance Training, Vibration Generator, & More

Why Global Infrared?


Certified Diverse Supplier

Global Infrared is certified by the Greater Women’s Business Council, Minority Women Business Enterprise, and the Women’s Business Enterprise, and is one of the Leading Diverse Suppliers for Electrical Infrared Testing.


Top-Of-The-Line Equipment

Global Infrared only uses top of the line equipment and software by FLIR.


Commitment To Our Planet

Our services can help your company with energy saving programs tailored to your needs to increase your revenues, decrease your expenses, and most importantly help our planet.


Customer Success

Our motto at Global Infrared is “A Customer for Life” and our people are what make that possible. We care about doing the absolute best job for you, and earning your future business and most importantly, keeping you happy for years to come.


Experienced Thermographers

Our inspectors are a minimum Level Two Certified and never stop learning. We require mandatory classroom education training annually.


20+ Years Of Experience

Founded in 2004, Global Infrared has been providing professional infrared services nationwide. Our extensively trained and certified thermographers can spot trouble before it becomes a major problem associated with costly down time.


Partner with Global Infrared, Your Leading Diverse Supplier for Electrical Infrared Testing, to Create a Maintenance, Risk and Energy Sustainability Program that meets your needs, protects your assets and saves you money.

Infrared is the only preventive maintenance for your electrical assets.   Equipment failure costs money, time, and your reputation. Electrical is the leading cause for fire. Energy loss from both heating and cooling is the one of the most preventable aspects of lost income.

When you partner with Global Infrared for your infrared thermography services, you benefit from state-of-the-art infrared equipment wielded by our extensively trained and certified thermographers. Our team has decades of combined experience in working with infrared and have built a reputation over 20 years specializing in improving safety, reliability, & reducing down time.



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