Thermal Imaging is a service which is non-intrusive and should have no impact on normal business operations. Safety is our primary commitment, and all work is carried out in accordance with our method statements and risk assessments which are available on request. Global Infrared carries professional indemnity and $5m public liability insurance.

Our Methodology In order to provide the most accurate and thorough infrared inspection, we must first inspect all areas and devices which are normally running under constant load like elevators, general lighting and laundry rooms etc., we find it is more efficient to chase than to create.

Then we move to the areas which have not been under load, for example: chillers (lead vs. lag) or time of day. This should be documented and noted so engineering personnel can schedule the equipment switch over (at the proper time) for a truly complete inspection of the area. If the equipment is shutdown or is Locked Out & Tagged Out this should also be documented as well, thereby minimizing any possibility of creating a false sense of security.

On many occasions we do not work a normal (9 to 5) day throughout the inspection period, this allows us to make ourselves available in the evening or early morning to test Showroom, Night Lighting and or Generating equipment when it is optimal.

The most important factor in any infrared inspection is to ultimately determine the Root Cause of any anomaly found; therefore, we do not incorrectly or prematurely have our client repair or replace any equipment or component without properly documenting the data (amperage, voltage & leakage test) to support such findings. Unlike the computer industry we are not in the component replacement business. So, bottom line it’s our job to find the more Serious Faults which truly need attention thereby reducing those unnecessary repair costs. If we provide you with this kind of service year after year, then we’ve done our job successfully!


Preventive maintenance is just smart business!

Reasons to use Global Infrared

  1. Global Infrared specializes in National and International contracts, so no job is too big or too small, as we have a scale-able solution.
  2. In business 12+ years
  3. Minority and Woman Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE)
  4. Ranked top 5 in US based Infrared Companies
  5. Combined 60+ years of experience in Thermography
  6. We use top of the line equipment and software by FLIR
  7. Our inspectors are a minimum level 2 certified and never stop learning. We require mandatory Classroom education training annually.
  8. All our inspectors wear PPE (personal protective equipment) or fire resistant uniforms (based upon facility requirements).
  9. We provide comprehensive yet easy to read reports upon completion via email.


Meet the Team

Our people are the best part of our business. We care about doing the absolute best job for you, and earning your future business.

Kerisa Hatfield

Founder & CEO

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Global Infrared specializes in National and International contracts, so no job is too big or too small, as we have a scale-able solution. Our best advertisement is repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. Please contact us directly for quotes and references of current clients.

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